I will be able to customize your session if you communicate what you need to be comfortable and what your expectations are. I value feedback because it helps me to be better at my profession. Here are some things we can customize:

The temperature of the table and how many blankets you need to be as warm or as cool as you wish.

The selection and volume of music (or whether we use music at all).

The level of my pressure during each of our massage sessions. If I’m not getting it right, or if different parts of your body are more sensitive than others, please tell me as we go along. Certain aspects of our work may involve working up to your level of pain tolerance, but it’s important to remember that allowing me to work above your pain threshold will be counterproductive to the healing process so it is crucial that you keep me informed. (It may take time for you to learn where your pain threshold is, but it is better to err on the side of caution than to overdo it.)

Focus of Session
The amount of time you want me to spend working on a particular area of your body (e.g., extra work on feet, scalp, or area of injury). Every session can be customized for your aches and pains of the moment. If you notice that I seem to be moving on without spending enough time on the requested area, please tell me it needs more work.

Talking During Sessions
You are completely in control of whether or not we talk during your session: I try to be sensitive about not initiating conversation but I will respond if you initiate. Sometimes clients ask me to remind them to remain quiet during the session if they know they have a tendency to talk. There is absolutely no obligation to inquire how I’m doing or to entertain me – this is your time to receive – you may find it desirable for both of us to pay full attention to the massage.