Payment is due at the time of service.

New rates as of March 1, 2024:

30 min         $70
45 min $105
60 min $135
75 min $170
90 min $205

Deep Tissue Massage, also called Myofascial Massage, is a massage modality focused on freeing up any stuck fascia with slow, broad, and flat strokes (often using the forearm). Many people refer to deep muscle massage as “Deep Tissue Massage.” Both have a significant effect on the fascia and can break up adhesions and scar tissue, increase range of motion, decrease pain, and recycle blood and lymph fluids in the body. I work within your particular level of pain tolerance to get optimum results. I build in Origin/Insertion work which is based on the principle that working the muscles where they attach will cause the muscle belly in between to release. I also build into each session some Trigger Point Therapy which is work on specific areas in the muscles (also known as hypersensitive loci) that can get activated and cause referred pain. Massage allows the body to release toxins, gives the immune system a big boost, and results in an overall sense of well-being. At the end of a session, I may suggest daily stretches — “homework” — so you can make quicker progress with your healing.

Pregnancy/Postpartum Certified Massage focuses on deep relaxation with the benefits of blood and lymph circulation, increased range of motion, decreased edema, and pain relief. Each session is customized to a client’s current aches and pains related to all the changes taking place during pregnancy, and extra time is given to releasing muscles in the upper back and neck, low back and hips, and legs. In the second and third trimesters, many mothers enjoy a little gentle abdominal massage that benefits both mother and baby. Depending on the trimester, the mom-to-be is positioned either in side-lying or semi-reclining position with plenty of pillows and foam wedges for support, comfort, and optimal circulation. Postpartum massage is designed to help restore the body to its pre-pregnant condition. After approval from your doctor, abdominal massage can help shrink the uterus, relieve subcutaneous scar tissue, and restore tone to the abdominal area.


The cumulative effects of massage are experienced when done consistently. Ask me about discounts when pre-booking and prepaying for multiple appointments.