Gabrielle has nurtured and helped speed the healing of my body through pregnancies, childbirth, half marathon training, over enthusiastic gardening weekends and the stress of parenting three teenagers, for more than fifteen years. Her knowledge, experience and mindful approach always result in an hour of transformation whether I need a serious deep athletic massage or a calming soothing hour for myself. I am blessed to have Gabrielle as a regularly scheduled appointment to keep me healthy and sane.
— AT, Mill Valley

I love a bargain just as much as the next guy but every time I seek out a cheap massage, I am disappointed. Gabrielle’s rates are about the same as most spas in the area and she doesn’t even have a shower or steam room! BUT – here are a few reasons why I go to Gabrielle every other week for massage for the last five years.

According to a spa manager I spoke to one time, the 50 minute “hour” is “industry standard,” but not Gabrielle’s industry. She does the full 60 minute session. When you take that into consideration, she is actually lower-priced than most spas. But that financial detail is only a small part.

Gabrielle is very well-trained and has the chops to get at all those aches and pains. When I first started working with her, she helped me work through a persistent hip pain that has not come back. That’s a huge deal for me – the pain had been limiting my life in many areas and I had tried everything from chiropractic to acupuncture to PT!

Next, my wife (who has been going to Gabrielle for seven years) mentioned to me that Gabrielle said she has a commitment to give as good or better massage each session as you received the first session you got from her. I took that as a challenge. There has never been a time that her work slacks off.

And finally, aside from having a great work ethic and doing reliable, effective and knowledgeable work, Gabrielle is just a great person who continues to do her personal emotional and spiritual work and yet doesn’t take herself too seriously. My wife tells me that she isn’t at all chatty when she is on Gabrielle’s table, but for me, having good conversation during my massage is part of how I relax. Gabrielle is able to maintain a good conversation and still keep the focus of the bodywork.
— MA, San Anselmo

I’ve been receiving massage regularly from Gabrielle for 20 years. Like other clients say, she will spoil you for any other therapist, as the quality of her work is always outstanding. I say she knows my body better than I do! She takes real pride in her work, wanting to understand the source of pain, what depth of work feels right, and she provides many other ideas for healing the body. She is absolutely the best there is, and I recommend her very highly.
— LH, Mill Valley

Gabrielle is the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to and she’s spoiled me for other therapists! I’ve been receiving massages from her since 1994. I live in Los Angeles now and I make sure to book an appointment with her whenever I’m up in Marin. I wish I still lived nearby and could see her regularly because in my experience no one else can compare. Hers is not a “fluff” massage that may feel good in the moment but has no lasting effect. This is truly therapeutic massage — she gets in there and gets the job done — as deep as I want (or can take), always completely in my control. Gabrielle welcomes and encourages feedback during the massage and beyond. She is reliable, consistent, kind, understanding, intelligent and dedicated to what best serves each individual. She has an extensive breadth of knowledge and years of experience to draw from — a true master of her profession. Gabrielle is also conscious and present and creates a safe space for emotions that may come up to be released during the work. She has taken me with grace and a sure hand through a few extremely emotional times of loss, grief and transition, as well as several physical challenges. I am now healthy, active, fully mobile, flexible, strong, and lead a fairly balanced life. Gabrielle is a life-saver and I’m so grateful for her work.
— S.A., Los Angeles

I started going to Gabrielle in 2008. Like most great finds, Gabrielle was referred to me by my hair stylist. She warned me that Gabrielle was a deep tissue massage therapist but that she was very aware about degree. With that in mind, I scheduled my first appointment. My stylist was right on both accounts. There’s nothing wimpy about Gabrielle’s massages. Gabrielle was very sensitive to the extent to which I could receive a healthy level of therapeutic massage. I continue to receive massages from Gabrielle; I call her my body healer. She gets the blood moving to those tissues that need it. Gabrielle is always on time, highly professional and reliable. One time, I had hurt my back moving a mattress and my back went into spasm. I was in horrible pain. I called Gabrielle and she fit me into her day, despite how busy she was. I can’t say enough about Gabrielle and how she has helped me to stay healthy over the years. I’m in my mid-50s and am very active. Thanks to Gabrielle, I continue to be active and engaged in sports.
— FM, Sausalito

I have been working with Gabrielle for about 15 years. She massaged me through both of my pregnancies which made that more bearable and I believe it made the birth process more easy. I have great, healthy kids! I have continued to see Gabrielle monthly for all these years and I believe that has allowed me to continue to be a sports freak. Gabrielle has the training to do very detailed work and is not afraid to get into an area to free it up. For example, she is the only therapist I have ever worked with that does work around the hip socket as a matter of course. Any time I have an issue or injury, I go in for a couple extra half-hour sessions to get healthy again. I know I can find cheaper massage, but not better massage in Marin County, so she’s worth every penny she charges and then some.
— HK, Mill Valley

Gabrielle Robbins was recommended to me by some friends after I had suffered a bad car accident as a very good medical masseuse. They were right! Gabrielle has a very keen knowledge of anatomy and physiology which she brings to her massage table. Her work is very deep and therapeutic. She is an intuitive masseuse who goes right to the problem areas with great skill and professionalism. As a result of Gabrielle’s fine work, my recovery has been greatly aided. I would recommend Gabrielle to anyone and in fact have to my both my physical therapist and orthopedic doctor.
— PS, Sausalito